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Gulf, Bay and Canal Homes For Sale on Fort Myers Beach waterfront

Fort Myers Beach runs north to south, parallel to the mainland and is mostly located on Estero Island, but you also find a portion on San Carlos Island, which you cross before you get to Estero Island. Fort Myers Beach has its own ambiance which is definitely "beachy", and residents have a great love of the island. They feel very protective of it and want things to stay the same. "Progress" is working hard to alter their landscape.

Housing varies greatly by age, where you find homes built in the 1960's and since 2010. Many older single family homes do not sit on pilings and are not elevated to meet current codes. This makes them interesting to the investor who may replace the home or have it elevated. Many homes have canal frontage with a boat dock and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. The most expensive homes are found on the gulf side and the bay side. 


Fort Myers Beach Gulf front homes are located on our beautifully renourished white, sandy beaches where you find shells you rarely saw before. Most gulf front homes are found on the southern end of Estero Island on Fort Myers Beach, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. They have large price tags and the best western Gulf views you can imagine. 


Many condos are for sale on Fort Myers Beach. Clicking on the next link you will see gulf front condos located close to the gulf or within a very short walk to the beach. 


Next please find the bay front counterparts. Single family bay front homes are difficult to buy these days. Very few are for sale. They sit on the choicest lots right on the bay with breath taking views. These are not ready for the buyer's market, unless the buyer is ready to pay full market value. They come in all sizes and ages, some on pilings, but not all, some very old and a few new. You find these homes all along the bay side of Estero Island and on San Carlos Island. Boats are docked in the back yard, ready for the next fishing trip. We can only display homes based on how they are entered into to MLS systems; so please make sure that the home you are looking at is actually a bay front home. They are often entered with any and all kinds of water frontage description.


Condos on the bay often have enclosed garages. The distance from gulf to bay is never large and there are many beach accesses once you cross Estero Blvd. The bay front condos have great views, are generally larger and more reasonable priced when compared to gulf front condos. They are a very good buy and a boat dock is often included with the purchase, or availabe near by. One of the nicest and largest is ​Waterside at Bay Beach.


Fort Myers Beach generally has a fair amount of canal front homes for sale. These come in all sizes and prices and most have a dock. The main road on Estero Island is Estero Blvd and is the only road leading from north to south. All side roads run perpendicular to the Blvd and the canal fronted streets end in the bay. These are great buys if you don't mind a ground floor home and have time to apply some TLC. You find canal front homes all the way from the north to the south of Fort Myers Beach.


Canal front condos are not as plentiful and here you find canal front condos with dock space under $300,000. Definitely a great value all over southwest Florida. But they are smaller. Several you find close to the southern end of Fort Myers Beach, so you are never a long boat ride away from the Gulf, plus you can enjoy the beach. These condos are also older. One very favorite condo complex is Boardwalk Caper which is located just before you cross over to Estero Island from Fort Myers.