Map of Condominiums on Sanibel & Captiva Island  |

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Map of Condominiums on Sanibel & Captiva Island

Captiva is just over one square mile in total size and Sanibel is not quite 20 square miles in size. Sanibel is Southwest Florida's only barrier island with a significant southern exposure. 

This picture shows you how Sanibel curves from the east, continuing with a very large portion facing south, and then slowly turning west, as it approaches Captiva, which lies parallel to the mainland. Over 70% of Sanibel will never be developed, much of that part is located on the bayside. Most of Sanibel's condominiums are located on the white beaches, laden with gorgeous shells.

Sanibel and Captiva Condominium Map


The below maps show Sanibel Condominiums at a closer look. It also shows non condominium communities.

Sanibel Island east end condominium map

Sanibel Island west end condominium map