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CAPTIVA ISLAND Homes For Sale on the Gulf or Bay

Captiva Homes for Sale with listings

Captiva is much smaller and has only 350 permanent residents. Most single family homes on Captiva are vacation homes and available for rent to visitors on a weekly basis year round. These single family homes are located on the Gulf, the Bay or inland. There are so few for sale that we decided to present them only as one group and not sub dividing them into gulf or bay front homes. Captiva seems to be one large dynamic vacation resort. Captiva Island is only six miles long and very narrow, totaling 1 square mile altogether. You are never more than a quarter mile away from either the Gulf or Bay. A large part of Captiva is owned by South Seas Island Resort with its executive golf course, marina, single family homes and condos. These homes and condos are mostly privately owned and available for purchase with potential rental income. Many of the beaches on Captiva have been designated as the most romantic beaches in the world. Families love to plan their reunions here and even weddings take place in our Gulf front vacation homes. Single family homes and condos on Captiva can gross annually well over $100,000.

Real Estate on Captiva is generally more expensive than on Sanibel Island and the inventory on Captiva is less than a third of Sanibel's. Do not confuse Upper Captiva, aka North Captiva, with Captiva. You will find more information about North Captiva on the menu to your left. There are far fewer homes for sale on Captiva because Captiva is only 1 square mile in size, whereas Sanibel is nearly 20 square miles in size; however, more than 60% of Sanibel will never be built on. You drive through Sanibel to get to Captiva.

In February 2018, single family homes on Captiva Island list from $865,000 to $10,000,000. The most expensive home on Captiva sold January 2016 for $16,300,000. Condominiums list from $409,000 to $2,895,000

The most luxurious homes are located on Captiva's "Gold Coast", a stretch along the Gulf of Mexico, which starts right after you first enter Captiva. Here you find homes which sold from $8,480,000. Few homes are ever for sale here. For Captiva Condominiums please click here.


Captiva Single Family Homes for Sale

Captiva Homes for Sale at the Gulf