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Lifestyle on Fort Myers Beach, a community description

Fort Myers Beach Estero Island and San Carlos Island Life Style

Estero Island and its sister island, San Carlos, make up the community of Fort Myers Beach. It is a small island, seven miles long and not even one mile wide. From the north-west point to the south-east tip, a gleaming white sand beach fronts the Gulf of Mexico. Fort Myers Beach is fairly quiet in the off-season and very crowded and lively in season.


Fort Myers Beach Tiki Hut life style

There is a small town atmosphere here. The population is made up of fishermen, artists, merchants, winter residents and plenty of tourists. Tourists stay in rented houses, condominiums and hotels. It is the major industry of Fort Myers Beach. The economy of the Beach is self sufficient. There is shopping, fine dining, boat rentals, sport fishing, banking, movies and schools.

Fort Myers Beach is only 15 minutes from the greater Fort Myers area. Because it is on the Gulf of Mexico with a long and beautiful beach, housing prices are high. Both condos and detached single family homes are usually available in Fort Myers Beach, but the prices sometimes surprise people.

Waterside at Bay Beach Condominiums new construction


The Beach is also home to a large shrimp fishing fleet. As you cross the bridge on San Carlos Boulevard you can see the shrimp boats docked in the harbour below. There are a number of excellent seafood restaurants that serve fresh shrimp and fish. During the winter months Fort Myers Beach becomes a popular tourist destination. Approximately 15,000 people live here. This can double or triple in season.

Time Square Fort Myers Beach Life Style Sancapre


Fort Myers Beach has two distinct faces. One is the tourist side around Times Square (above) with its shops and DJ's on the beach and a large fishing pier, the other is the wide and never ending beach from Bowditch Park south to Bonita Beach.

Fort Myers Beach Canal Home backyard Life style SanCapRe

Fort Myers Beach beaches are groomed and have been renourished in 2011. They are deep and white and ideal to walk on because they are so flat. Since then hurricanes have added more sand.

Fort Myers Beach Gulf Home view  Life Style SanCapRe

Unlike Sanibel, which has very restricted beach accesses and not many of them, Fort Myers Beach has over 46 beach accesses, all along the beach, accessible to everyone. Aside from the larger Parks, you find a path to the beach just about every 200 feet. If you bring your car you have to pay an hourly parking rate.

Fort Myers Beach Bay Home  Life Style SanCapRe

Everyone dreams of a simple home, right on the beach. They do exist on Fort Myers Beach, but they are not inexpensive!! Land value is high regardless of what sits on top.

In February 2018 we list 107 single family homes with list prices from $197,000 to $4,995,000. Condos list from $152,000 to $2,175,000.

Fort Myers Beach Gulf Front Cottage Life Style SanCapRe

Welcome to Fort Myers Beach! You will love it here!!!

Fort Myers Beach North End from Fishing Pier to Bow Ditch Point SanCapRe