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Pointe Santo De Sanibel Condos for sale on Sanibel Gulf front

Sanibel Pointe Santo De Sanibel Condos for sale

Pointe Santo De Sanibel is a favorite Sanibel Island gulf front condominium complex to invest in and live in, and a much sought after vacation destination for young and old alike. Its 141 units in five main buildings form a u-shape around a pond with the opening of the U to the gulf. The manager's office is right on site. There is a small club house where children are being entertained and cared for when their parents need some alone time. There is also a small swimming pool. Pointe Santo condos can be rented weekly. Bailey's super market is not far from there and neither are the post office, restaurants, BIG Arts, the library and City Hall. This is a complex that rarely offers condominiums for sale and investors prefer to buy and sell here. In April 2018 we shpw 11 listings here, which is very unusual. Generally there are only 1 or 2 for sale leaving buyers with few options to choose from. It is very well managed and also has tennis courts. There are up to 4 floors at Pointe Santo De Sanibel, the highest allowable number of buildable floors on Sanibel Island.

Pointe Santo De Sanibel Condominiums for Sale on Sanibel Island

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