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North Captiva Island Homes and Condos for Sale at the Gulf Of Mexico

As the name implies, North Captiva Island, also known as Upper Captiva, is a small separate island which lies north of Captiva Island. Both islands share the same zip code which can make it confusing. About 400 single family homes are sprinkled in the sand throughout the island. With a potential built-out of approximately 450 homes this is a true paradise for someone who wishes to be away from it all. In the summer of 2016 we list over 60 properties here!!!!!

North Captiva is not for everyone. No gourmet restaurants. Homes look a little rustic.  If you like fishing and boating and privacy and friendly neighbors, and if you welcome the isolation from the hectic life, then this is the perfect place for you.  


North Captiva Island Homes and Condominiums for Sale

North Captiva Homes


In 1975 the state of Florida acquired six parcels of land totaling over 350 acres - almost half of the entire island. This timely acquisition came under the environmentally endangered land program, a swift and direct move, to preserve this priceless resource from North Captiva Island All Listingsrampant over-development.

Until 1921 the island was part of Sanibel-Captiva. On October 25, 1921, a fierce hurricane cut the larger island in two, creating what is now Redfish Pass - and North Captiva was born.To this day, the area remains in an unspoiled state, since no bridge connects the island with the mainland. (Another 1926 hurricane created Blind Pass which now separates Captiva from Sanibel, but a bridge covers this pass to provide uninterrupted access to Captiva.)


North Captiva Island Girl Ferry


You reach North Captiva only by boat or plane. It takes the "Island Girl Charters" water taxi about 20 minutes to cross Pine Island Sound from Pineland on Pine Island to Safety Harbour on North Captiva. Another boat travels to North Captiva from South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island.


North Captiva Aerial View


North Captiva is 5 miles long, and a quarter mile deep, and has white beach sand, and Seagrapes and Palm trees, and other local vegetation, just about everywhere . Island transportation consists of golf carts or bikes on sandy roads. There is one privately owned landing strip for small aircraft, one grocery store, two small island resorts with restaurants and tennis courts, and at the harbor, another restaurant, "Barnacle Phil's" and a small gift shop. North Captiva Island Club also has a fitness center. No post office, but mail is deposited at the harbor regularly. Nothing is far from the beaches of the Gulf or the Bay. Fishing is best here. Pine Island Sound is known for its excellent Tarpon Fishing, and its yearly tournaments. Waters are green, the air is clean and life is slow, so very slow.


Golf Cart On North Captiva


After you get off the ferry and spend a couple of hours on the island, you will feel like you belong. Everyone you meet will stop to chat and help you navigate your way through the spider-web like little roads. When you eat your first dinner at Barnacle Phil's (cash only please), you will already be on a first name basis with your neighbors.

Homes here are built on tall pilings - taller than on Sanibel or Captiva. Often they have sleeping arrangements on the first floor, living quarters on the second floor and a 'crow's nest' outlook above that, which allows for a 360 degree view of the Island. All homes are located close to the Gulf and the Bay and most of them have a view of either or both. Property lines don't seem to exist. Just lots of vegetation, white sand and an occasional house. 

Homes are known by their names, like "The Green Lizard" or "Moondance". They are often quite big, some were built in the 1990's, and many since 2000, and are well taken care of. Several are for sale. Some are for rent. Home prices here are well below Sanibel and Captiva near beach home prices. This sleepy island has yet to be discovered by the real estate "in-crowd".   

Moondance - House on North Captiva

 "Moondance" - with a 360 degree island view from the observation deck


On North Captiva utilities are located underground and high speed Internet access is available for the vacationer who must be in touch with reality, at least occasionally. Since many homes were built after 2000, they are well equipped to handle storms.

North Captiva Island House