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Sanibel Harbour Towers condos for sale Fort Myers real estate bay front

2 Sanibel Harbour Towers next to the Marriott Resort and Spa

Sanibel Harbour Towers is a condominium development in South Fort Myers which consists of 2 high-rise towers, adjacent to the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort and Spa, which is a 4 diamond/4 star resort, owned and operated by Mariott.

The above picture shows you the 4 star resort and to the left the first high-rise tower, also named the Bayview Tower, rather close to the resort. The second tower, named Harbour Tower, lies to the left. The hotel marina may only be used on a temporary basis. The boat you see is a dinner cruise boat. Chartered fishing boats also leave from this dock.The entry to a dry-dock building is shown on the right of the marina. Anyone may purchase or lease a full service dry dock. Sanibel Harbour Towers has a beach fronting San Carlos Bay. Sanibel Harbour Tower Condos offer the most spectacular views of San Carlos bay and the backwater land on the other side, as shown above. Under building parking is available on a first come - first served basis

These 12 story buildings were built in 1985/1986. A full service spa with tennis courts and a restaurant are set aside from the hotel area, as shown above, sitting behind all buildings. Anyone may become a member of the spa, not only residents of Punta Rassa or Sanibel Harbor Towers. Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort and Spa owns another 4 restaurants inside the hotel building. 

Sanibel Harbour Towers Condos for Sales

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