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Bird's Eye Views Of Homes and Condos On Captiva Island

Captiva Island has some of the most beautiful and expensive homes. In general, you can add a little to the price of the same home bought on Captiva Island when compared to Sanibel Island. As always, this is due to location, location, location and to the fact that Captiva is almost 20 times smaller than Sanibel Island. Land is scarcer on Captiva - prices are higher. The below picture shows you a setting of typical Gulf side homes. Most of them are quite large and located on very private stretches of the beach. Almost every single family home or condo which is privately owned, is available for vacation rentals. While Sanibel is more residential, Captiva is a true vacation resort.    


Captiva Drive - the main road on Captiva Island. This stretch of Captiva Road is also referred to as the golden mile or the gold coast and is located when you first enter Captiva. The most expensive single family homes are located on Captiva Drive. Many are newer. All are luxurious. All are located right on the beach on the Gulf of Mexico or across the road on the Bay side, on Roosevelt Channel across from Buck Key or facing Pine Island Sound.  You can see how deep the lots are. Water frontage is from 100-200 feet. Lot size on this stretch is generally from 1-2 acres. Many homes are surrounded by lush vegetation and can not be seen from the road. Single Family homes on Captiva range from $800,000 to 18 million and condos range from $300,000 to shy of 3.5 million.


 Captiva Shores - is a condominium complex located on one side on the Gulf of Mexico and

on the other side on the bay. Captiva Shores has 21 units and a pool, tennis and dock. Condominiums are listed just shy of $800,000 and up to about 1.3 million. There are up to 4 condos per building.

Here I am showing you homes located on Laika Lane and Wightman Lane, 2 main sand roads on Captiva Island, parallel to Andy Rosse Lane, the road at the bottom of the picture. Andy Rosse is the main road on Captiva Island where you find shops and restaurants and also many new single family homes which were built since 2000 and which replaced older homes. Wightman and Laika still have mixed aged homes. Homes on Wightman Lane are listed over $1,000,000 with one exception listed for only $799,000, not a short sale.  

These are the 2 Gulf front homes at the end of Wightman Lane.


Sunset Capitva is a community of single family homes located east of Andy Rosse Lane. You enter this community from Captiva Drive - very close to the center of Captiva Island. Homes here are priced from $699,000 to $2.499 million depending on their location. The community is small and has a swimming pool and tennis court, as shown here. Most homes are not located on the beach and are sold for less than 1 million, which make them very desirable for Captiva Island. These homes are also favored by vacationers.  They share is a dock located on the bay side adjacent to Sunset Captiva condominiums, luxury condominiums. The single family homes and condominiums share all common facilities,like the pool, dock and tennis courts. Dock space is allocated on a first come first served basis and is not deeded.


Lands End Village is located at South Seas Island Resort at the western most end of Captiva Island. There are 68 luxury condominiums, the most high end condos on Captiva Island. These condos are large in size ( 1700 to over 3000 square feet) and are all offered over 1 million dollars. They are the gem of South Seas Island Resort. If not located at Redfish Pass, they are located on an executive golf course, as shown here, sometimes next to a lake.

South Seas Island Resort - area near the entrance of the complex. Shown here are condominiums at Bayside Villas ranging from $315,000 to $668,000 depending on size and location. I also show Tennisvilla condominiums which list for a little less, ranging from $250,000 to $425,900.

This concludes your bird's eye view of Captiva Island. I hope you enjoyed this page. Should you have any questions, please contact me at 239-851-4512 or use the form below.